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The ShelterBox USA team knows that Teachers (you!) are amazing, positive leaders every day, but are you ready to be a Super Teacher too? Let's get going, because we need your help.

Global disasters happen every day and yet more than half of our nation does not prepare their families on an annual basis. Did you know even in America it could take 3 to 5 days for Emergency Responders to reach everyone after a disaster? You can help by taking 10 minutes a day for one week to empower our national youth to JUMP TO ACTION, get prepared with their families and be Heroes. Super Teachers across the US are joining our family of volunteers by implementing the YSB Club into their class every year and spreading the word to fellow Teachers!

ShelterBox USA wants to help kids prepare, and together we can give students the tools they need to be Masters Of Disasters in their family, for generations to come.

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