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ShelterBox works with Scouts in South Sudan

Scouts are an important part of the ShelterBox community and have a strong history of working with the disaster relief charities. Recently, the youngest National Scout Organization collaborated with a ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) in the newest country in the world - South Sudan.

"Wherever I go in the world, the Scouts continue to amaze me," said SRT member, Eric Deluca who was part of the team deployed to the area. "In South Sudan, we’re looking at a group that is less than a year old, but the amount of hard work and passion they bring to the table is truly inspiring!.

"When they arrived at the warehouse where the ShelterBoxes were stored, they opened with a song. The energy and excitement in that song made a difference the whole day."

In addition to passing out aid in the communities, ShelterBox was able to give tents and other equipment to the Scouts as well.

Unexpected gift

Secretary-General of the South Sudan Scouts Association, Evans Gogonya Israel, said the Scouts in South Sudan are grateful for this unexpected gift that gives them a great start for their Scout activities and projects. They have focused their efforts to help the most needy people in their country. The tents and other lifesaving items will be used to provide housing for Scouts as they travel to remote area of the country to help these needy populations.

"One project we have focused on is to construct Tukuls, a traditional South Sudanese home for people who are sick," commented Evans.