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5th annual Read-For-Shelter raises $1,550 for ShelterBox!

 Kids For Shelter 2016

Kids for Shelter is a charity started in 2008 lead by kids in Spotsylvania County, Virginia to help animals and people, focused around “shelter.”

In the summer of 2012, three members found out about ShelterBox. Their mother had started to do pro bono legal work for ShelterBox and Anna, Jack and Christopher were so interested in the mission of ShelterBox, that they started an annual summer read-a-thon to raise money for ShelterBox.

This year, they held their 5th annual Read-For-Shelter to raise money for ShelterBox USA. Jack, Chris, Anna, Xander, Willow and Michael raised a total of $1,550 dollars! They asked sponsors around their community to pledge money for every minute they read and it paid off!

"It’s all about working together as a community to make an impact. The ideas and projects turn out to make a world of difference,” Anna said.

The Gleasons are a family dedicated to serving their local and international community. This is an amazing accomplishment and we thank them for their constant support.

JACK G, AGE 18 -- 780 MINUTES AND $250

CHRIS G, AGE 14 -- 810 MINUTES AND $250

ANNA G, AGE 17 -- 800 MINUTES AND $250

XANDER K, AGE 11 -- 3,658 MINUTES AND $300

WILLOW K, AGE 8 -- 1,500 MINUTES AND $300

MICHAEL Y, AGE 12 -- 4.620 MINUTES AND $200

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Do you want to hold a Read-a-Thon competition for ShelterBox in your community? It is easy and fun for classrooms or an entire school! If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we would love to help you with your fundraiser that not only helps promote reading, but disaster relief as well.