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West Virginia High School Students Help ShelterBox

An Interact Club, partnered with Rotary, recently took on a project to raise $1,000 so that they could buy a ShelterBox. And they did it. The whole club, including their sponsor, was really excited about achieving their goal because it meant providing disaster relief to the survivors of natural disasters around the world. One of the club members grew up in a military family who saw things change drastically right before her eyes. When recounting a memory of an earthquake she experienced in Japan the junior Camila Taylor-Perotti said, “You just never know how fast things can change when there is something like a natural disaster, until you see it for yourself. Your home can be gone in just a minute or two.” They raised the funds by holding a T-shirt fundraiser by asking local business owners and their local Rotary Club for sponsorships. Thank you for making ShelterBox your club’s project of the year!