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Box City

An Interact Club in the Detroit area has turned their campus lawn into a city of cardboard boxes. The students at Royal Oak High School became architects to raise awareness about the increasing number of homeless people in their city and around the world. Each year the students are allowed only cardboard, duct tape, and tarp to build their shelter for the night to camp out in. Throughout the Box City Campout they talk to people passing by curious about their collection of cardboard homes and receive donations from them.

They have chosen ShelterBox as their charity this year and raised over $1,000 in just one night. The teens have competitions over what side of the street can raise the most money and bond over a multitude of games throughout their stay. This activity is not only fun and raises awareness, but it also allows students to get a glimpse of what is it like to live without shelter. Great job Royal Oak Interact Club and thank you for your donation!