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High School Students Join International Exchange Students to Support Disaster Relief

In Plymouth, Minnesota International exchange student Anita Bello from Paraguay sat at the Plymouth Rotary meeting listening to Greg Krauska’s presentation on the great needs of political and natural disaster refugees and the help they receive through the ShelterBox project. She talked to Greg, her classmates, and principal to organize a school wide fundraiser to raise enough money to buy a box. Students collected spare change from classmates, had fundraising competitions between class periods, and even had the faculty pitch in! The result was greater than Anita ever hoped for. A total of $4000, with the help of Plymouth Rotary, was raised to provide disaster relief to not just one but four families! “It was a great campaign and I am very proud of all of our students and staff,” said Sue Iverson, Student Council Advisor. Anita and Wayzata High School was inspired and because of that, four families will be living safer lives.