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Shelter Building Challenge: Activities: Activities

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Give each pupil an image from P01 Shelters. Create a line of continuum (washing line) and name one end of the line 'lived in' and the other end 'not lived in' and ask pupils to find a place for their picture on the line. Ask pupils to look along the line and check their position, altering it if necessary. Repeat with other categories e.g. windproof/not windproof, private/not private, warm/not warm. Ask pupils to think up and call out a category of their own. As a class decide on a list of categories, help pupils to mark their shelter out of 10 for each of the categories, using the numbering to turn their picture into a top trump card. Give pupils time to use the cards to play the game in small groups. Ask pupils; what shelter card has the highest score? Why?

Ask pupils; what other kinds of shelter are there? Help pupils to create a bar chart showing how many in each group have used each kind of shelter in the past. Add this information to a class bar chart. Ask; why do we need shelter? Is it important? Show P02 Broken Homes to the class. Ask pupils; what has happened? What might happen to these people without anywhere to live? Collect pupil ideas.

Challenge groups to build a shelter. Give the class a limited selection of materials to choose from and encourage groups to take turns in selecting the materials they want, planning and stating what they will use it for. Give groups time to build their shelter. When groups have finished change the parameters of the task slightly e.g. now one of your neighbours needs a warm safe place to sleep and give pupils a chance to adapt their structures.

Show AV01 Birth of ShelterBox to the class, explaining the concept and the creation of ShelterBox. Invite T01 Shelterbox Visitor to erect a ShelterBox tent and show the class how it is used. Split the class into groups and give each group a different location using T02 Tent Locations. Challenge each group to come up with a design modification for the tent to improve its usefulness for the people using it in each environment. Encourage groups to present their designs to the visitor and other members of the class 'Dragon's Den' style. Give their audience the opportunity to feedback to each group 'something good' and 'something that could be improved' about their design.