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Class Club Launch Grades K-4

Class Club Launch Grades K-4: Activities

Why was the YSB Club-Team USA created?
• To utilize our unique disaster relief skills for Super Teachers to empower our national youth, to be good global neighbors.
• To assist students to understand the different types of global disasters and Swear To Prepare for disasters with their families.
• JUMP TO ACTION as a team when disasters strike global neighbors; instantly providing shelter, warmth and dignity for a family that has lost everything.

Elementary program (K-5)


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Young ShelterBox Club from Charles Pulliam on Vimeo.

What do YSB Club Super Teachers do across the US?
• Implement the annual Club Launch to introduce the YSB Club to your class & send us info on what you did!
• Help the students JUMP TO ACTION when a global disaster is seen in the media, and make a difference instantly. Ask the school if they want to support your class’s efforts.
• Utilize the weekly global challenges at to work best for your class. Psst, classes across the country send in their answers for Class Shout Outs from us!
• Send pictures, videos and communication to us whenever your class of heroes chooses to make a difference!
• Make a lasting impression on kids for years to come.

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We'd love to hear from you if your class carry out a YSB Club Launch, please get in contact and tell us all about it and even send us some pictures